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Top Quality Water Tanks for the Home and Farm

At Rhino Water Tanks, we always come charging with the best products and deals. Our large corrugated domestic and rural water tanks are available in a variety of sizes and COLORBOND® colours to suit your every need.  Backed by our 20 year warranty, your Rhino tank is ideal for rainwater harvesting or bore water storage.

All domestic and rural water tanks come fitted out to your specifications, ensuring these meet the need of your home, farm, garden or property. We manufacture our tank shell, roof trusses and liner in the same factory meaning we can control the quality from start to finish.

Rhino Water Tanks takes pride in the safety, durability and quality of our products and even our manufacturing plant. We work to help you make the most of your water storage systems.

Get in touch with us today to place an order or for more information about our domestic and rural water tanks.

Tank Sizes

Rhino's range of Domestic & Rural Tanks are available in the sizes listed in the table below. All tanks listed are 2.2 metres high and are available in ZINCALUME® or the full range of genuine COLORBOND®.

Model Litres Gallons Tank Diameter Pad Size
RT-25 26,062 5,792 3.88 m 5.5 m
RT-40 40,723 9,049 4.86 m 6.5 m
RT-60 58,640 13,031 5.83 m 7.5 m
RT-80 79,816 17,737 6.80 m 8.5 m
RT-100 104,250 23,167 7.77 m 9.5 m
RT-130 131,941 29,320 8.74 m 10.5 m
RT-160 162,890 36,198 9.71 m 11.5 m
RT-200 197,097 43,799 10.68 m 12.5 m
RT-230 234,562 52,125 11.65 m 13.5 m
RT-275 275,284 61,174 12.62 m 14.5 m

For tanks larger than 275,000ltrs or for customised sizes, please contact us for specifications.

Tank Features

Our domestic and rural range of water tanks are specifically designed keeping in mind the unique needs of domestic and rural users.

We understand that each situation is different and your requirements may differ from other tanks users, therefore all Rhino Water Tanks are fitted with all the basic features required on a water tank and can then be customised to suit individual requirements.


Included Features

Rhino INFINITY Tank Liner

50mm Scour Drain

Bluescope Steel Corrugated Wall & Roof Sheets

Lockable Access Hatch

Tank Inlet (Leaf Filter Basket or 50mm Inlet)

Removable Internal/External Ladder 

1 x 50mm Outlet & Ball Valve

 Magnesium Anodes for Corrosion Protection

100mm Bell Mouth Overflow

20 Year Conditional Warranty



Optional  Features

Additional Outlets & Valves (50mm/80mm/100mm)

Additional Inlets (Leaf Basket/50mm/80mm/100mm)

Fire Fighting Coupling (To meet State / Territory regulations)

Dust & Vermin Proofing Seal

Rainsavers – Tank Roof Catchment System

Water Level Gauge

Safeguard Upgrade for Extremely High Fire Prone Areas (Dual Skin, Internal Plumbing)

Rhino Tank Colours

Rhino Water Tanks can be supplied in ZINCALUME®, Galvanised or a full range of COLORBOND® colours as displayed in the chart below. Click on a swatch to see the Rhino change its colour.

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Site Preparation

Crusher Dust PadIt is the customer’s responsibility to prepare a level pad of sand or crusher dust. The pad needs to be 150mm deep at the specified diameter.

Rhino Water Tanks provides detailed pad specifications to all customers to assist them in achieving an excellent quality pad. In some areas Rhino can recommend contractors who have previously prepared quality pads for our tanks.

In some circumstances, your tank may need to be installed on a concrete ring beam instead of sand or crusher dust. If your tank is to have an outlet larger than 100mm or if it is higher than the standard height of 2.2m then it is a requirement for a concrete ring beam to be provided. Rhino will provide the customer with all relevant specifications for these concrete ring beams upon request.

Once the tank has been installed the customer is required to place an exclusion zone of a minimum of 10mm Blue Metal/coarse aggregate (no clay or concrete) around the base of the tank to prevent erosion and deter rodents from digging around the base.

Brute Strength

All Rhino Water Tanks are made from genuine Bluescope COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME® steel with a corrugated profile – which means our tanks possess an incredible wall strength and durability. Add to that a 250mm overlap at the joins and a 200mm double bolt spacing and what you have is pure animal strength. With the 12mm bolts being hot-dipped galvanized, corrosion doesn’t stand a chance.   

In order to ensure complete quality control, once manufactured our tanks are then built on site by our team of specialists. Which means your Rhino is not just born tough, it stays tough.

Keeps water fresh

Tank liners are one of the most critical components of a water tank. They, more than anything else, ensure your water remains fresh, taste-free and completely safe from any contaminants.

At Rhino we pay special attention to our tank liners. All our liners are made in our own factory, which means we can control the quality of every aspect of the tank, from manufacturing right through to installation.

The liner itself – Rhino INFINITY  - features cutting edge technological advancement in liner fabric and has a state of the art food grade, UV treated, multi layered Metallocene film laminated to the existing reinforced polyethylene liner. Giving the liner unparalleled layers of strength, safety and durability.

INFINITY is exclusive to Rhino Tanks and comes with a service life in excess of 30 years.

Our service

Every Rhino Tank is conditionally guaranteed for 20 years*. What’s more, every 5 years a Rhino Tanks' service agent will inspect your tank and replace the sacrificial magnesium anodes around the bottom of the tank. So you never have to worry about your tank or the water in it.

Rhino Safeguard

Rhino Water Tanks has installed thousands of water tanks over many years in some of the driest most fire prone regions in Australia and around the world. During this time we have found one of the main reasons for asset and property loss in a fire event is due to an inadequate water supply and the failure of the pumping system. To alleviate these problems and greatly increase the chance of saving your assets and property, Rhino Water Tanks has developed a new product series called Rhino Safeguard.

The Rhino Safeguard series will give you a more fire resistant and reliable water supply for your fire protection system and is totally unique to Rhino Water Tanks.


The key aspects of the Rhino Safeguard Water Tank range are:

A unique dual skin , 3-stage insulated tank wall system.

tank-wall.jpgStage 1
: The first stage of insulation is the outer layer of corrugated ZINCALUME® or COLORBOND® steel shell. It has no structural properties. Its sole purpose is to protect the inner supply tank from flames, radiant heat and embers from the extremes of the fire front as it passes. 

Stage 2: The second stage of insulation is a 130mm or 5 inch air space created between the 2 walls. The air gap creates an insulation barrier that stops the majority of the heat conducting through to the second tank wall thus maintaining the structural integrity of the inner tank. 

Stage 3: The third stage of insulation is an additional membrane installed between the tank wall and the liner. The reinforced polyethylene liner also has a food grade Metallocene coating which helps protect the liner from any radiated heat.

overflow.jpgInternal plumbing

Rhino Safeguard series of tanks have all penetrations through the floor of the tank and buried underground to a heavy duty, fire resistant galvanised valve box. The Rhino Safeguard also comes with a galvanised riser with a fire fighting coupling relevant to your specific state regulations. The overflow riser is also plumbed internally to the usual overflow height to the maximum capacity of the tank.

split-level-takeoff.jpgSplit Take Off System

The high level take off is for domestic pump usage and the low level take off point is for the fire system pump.

The levels of these take off points will vary from tank to tank dependent on how much water you are required to have designated for your individual fire protection system.

sprinkler.jpgRoof mounted Sprinkler system 

The system is internally plumbed and matched to the diameter of the tank roof. The sprinkler is designed to reduce the radiated heat and extinguish embers by creating a moisture barrier around the whole tank.