How many litres of water can you harvest per year ?

Roof Area m2
Annual Rainfall mm

Rhino Water Tanks specialise fire water tanks in to suit commercial applications that are required to comply with the Australian Standards AS2419 or AS2304.  Our fire water tanks come with all the compliant fire tank signage, level indicators, anti-vortex outlets and other relevant nozzles. 

Rhino can also provide a suitably sized fire tank as a dedicated static water supply for asset protection on rural properties or firefighting tanks for new homes with a bushfire overlay.

Rhino’s fire tanks come in all the standard commercial sizes and colours.

When enquiring about a fire water tank please note the EFFECTIVE CAPACITY which allows for the relevant air gap required by Australian Standards. 

For more information or to obtain a quote email your specification and/or drawings to or call 1800 632410.