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Water is a limited and valuable resource in Australia and around the world. As such, everybody is encouraged to do their part in conserving as much water as we can. For consumers, this means you may be eligible for incentives should you fulfil certain requirements when it comes to water conversation. One such program includes having water tanks installed in your home or property.

From time to time, Federal, State and local governments offer rebates and grants for the installation of such tanks. These incentive programs often vary per location and may depend on the intended use of the tank.

New South Wales

141,104 households have taken advantage of the water tank rebates in NSW, as of 2011.

This includes the NSW Home Saver Rebates for rainwater tanks, dual flush toilets, and other water-efficient home appliances and fixtures. As of 2011, about one in three rainwater tanks installed in NSW are used to supply washing machines, a laudable improvement compared to almost one in six back in 2007.


The state-wide water tank rebates in Queensland (specifically the Home and Garden WaterWise and ClimateSmart rebates) have ended, but certain local councils still offer their own incentive programs.


The Living Victoria Water Rebate Program ended 30 June 2015. This provided rebates for households and small businesses for their efforts in conserving water through efficient water tanks, shower heads, garden products, dual flush toilets, and other means.

Claim for such rebates, however, are still accepted until 30 September 2015 for appliances and products purchased and installed before the 30 June 2015 deadline.

There is also a rainwater tank rebate in Victoria where you can receive up to a $1500 rebate for installing a rainwater tank with a capacity of more than 4000 litres and is connected to your toilet and laundry.

For updated more information, get in touch with your local authorities to see if any rainwater tank rebate programs are available in your area.